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Becas Samsung Global de Maestría en Computación y Electrónica 2013 

Samsung Electronics

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The GSP-SNU Program is designed for students willing to pursue the Master of Sciences Degree in Electronics and Computer Sciences. This is a two years program that takes place at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences of Seoul National University. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science has various research departments: 1. Information, Telecommunication, and Radio Science 2. Control, Instrumentation and Factory Automation 3. Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuits 4. Computer and Very Large Scale Integration Systems 5. Electrophysics and Lasers 6. Electric Energy Systems 7. Biomedical Electronics


1. Características

Tipo: Becas postdoctorales

Lugar de estancia: Asia  -  COREA, REPÚBLICA DE

Características: Samsung Electronics covers all educational expenses including tuition, admission, and registration fees for the student. Additionally, the student will be receiving a money allowance.

After completing the program, the student is provided with the unique opportunity to work at Samsung Electronics in South Korea for 2 years. The contract with Samsung Electronics can be extended under mutual agreement.

By virtue of the GSP-SNU Program, Samsung Electronics is planning to develop successful candidates into its core members.

1. Samsung Pays for Admission and Tuition
2. Samsung Grants Money Allowance
3. Samsung Provides Housing (in campus dormitory)
4. Samsung Annually Pays for Airfare from and to the student's home country
5. Samsung Internship Program
6. Samsung Offers a Position in South Korea after Graduation for 2 Years


2. Requisitos

Fuente y Fecha de convocatoria: Samsung Electronics  - 20/11/2012

General Requirements 1. B.Sc. or M.Sc. Degree 2. Majors in the fields of Electrical Eng. / Electronics Eng. / Communication Eng. / Computer Eng. / Science / Physics / Mathematics 3. Excellent Knowledge of English Required Majors 1. Computer Science 2. Applied Mathematics 3. Cybernetics 4. Electronics Engineering 5. Radio Engineering 6. Radio Physics 7. Communications Engineering 8. Telecommunications 9. Semiconductor Physics 10. Microelectronics 11. Physics 12. Laser Physics 13. System-on-Chip Design 14. Circuit Design 15. Systems Engineering 16. System Design 17. Mechanical Engineering 18. Robotics 19. Automation Engineering 20. Material Science 21. Chemistry Por más detalles visitar los Requisitos oficiales


3. Solicitud

Plazo: 20 de Enero de 2013

Solicitudes: APPLICATION GUIDELINES To apply for the Samsung-Sponsored Ms Program (GSP-SNU) for 2013, students shall email their complete CV/resume (GSPsnu_Name-Surname CV.doc) in English to Lorenza Salerno at The CV/resume will include the personal data (e.g. name, place of residence, contact details), educational background (such as name of university, faculty, department, period of studies, GPA), professional experience and list of awards (if applicable). Applicants must have a Bachelor degree (such as BS) or a higher degree (such as Specialist, MS) from a recognized institution. If applicants are successful in the CV screen, they will be invited for a first round interview with the International Recruitment Officer (this might be in the form of face to face or conference call) in Samsung European Headquarters based in the UK. If successful on the first interview, candidates will be invited for the final Interview with VP level HR personnel and Professors from Headquarters South Korea. APPLICATION DEADLINES FOR FALL 2013 Application deadline is 20th January 2013. For further information, please email Lorenza Salerno or call the phone number: +44 01 932 455 784 Por más información y detalles visitar la Convocatoria Oficial

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